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License type: TRIAL
Version: XE6
Date Updated: APR-21-2014

The only renowned visual C++ IDE is the Embarcadero C++Builder. With an advancement of the application to C++ builder, the IDE has over a thousand components, speed as well as simplifying building visual-rich and data intensive user application. This is an application that brings to reality the whole programming sensation.

C++ builder works perfectly on all Windows operating systems. Its main components are VCL and Fire Monkey for developing Windows applications. Any application nowadays demands for a database to store and retrieve data. C++ builder comes with a feature, new Live Bindings, that allows for database connectivity to any VCL or Fire Monkey user interface.

The environment of the application can also be used for developing applications that can run on mobile phones. If you are a programmer and you are looking for an application that will simplify the coding process, just go for the C++ builder application.