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License type: Freeware
Version: 15.2
Developer: sXeI.
Date Updated: JUL-30-2015

When playing online games do you ever find that no matter how much you shoot an avatar it won’t die? How about other players running around with equipment that doesn’t befit their rank? Ever been killed with a single shot form a basic weapon? If this is the case you’ve probably dealt with a cheating ninny.

sXe Injected is comprehensive software that blocks players from cheating in the games on your client and server. Preserve your client/server reputation.

sXe Injected was originally designed to operate on the Half Life game servers. Half Life was a smash hit and its engine became a beacon for game mod and design within the shooter genre. Games such as Counter Strike 1.5, Day of Defeat, and Condition Zero are founded from it. The only hiccup is that as these games picked up and became competitive so did the cheating. sXe Injected fixes that.