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License type: Shareware
File Size: 8.39MB
Version: 1.20
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

The internet is a dangerous place. While most of the main roads are safe, there are plenty of sketchy back alleys where you can get metaphorically mugged at a seconds notice. Ashampoo FireWall FREE can act as your own personal security escort when travelling into these unknown territories.

Ashampoo FireWall FREE is a firewall software that protects your computer from all online threats. It goes beyond the simplistic Windows Firewall by also preventing existing programs on your computer from making a connection with an online source without your permissions. Installing software you think and safe and then using this as an avenue to your hard drive is one common way hackers can get at your system.

Ashampoo FireWall FREE is a necessary tool if you want your computer to go through life without being molested.