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License type: Freeware
Developer: BlueStacks.
Date Updated: SEP-16-2016

There are still many persons who are under the impression that Android is a brand of mobile phones, but the truth is; Android is actually an Operating System that is used as the base for these popular Android devices. There are many applications that uses the Android platform, but some of them would just look and operate better if you could use them on your PC, and now you can with the BlueStacks App Player.

The BlueStacks App Player operates as an emulator for the Android applications and as such, you are now able to load Android games and utility apps onto your PC and access them from there. While the application provides you with some pre-installed Android apps, you are still able to browse for more and install them on your own.

BlueStacks App Player even allows you to synch back and forth between your Android phone and your PC. Therefore you can transfer apps from your mobile phone to your PC and vise versa.