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FIFA 12 Demo Expander 1.0 Free Download

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License type: Shareware
File Size: 1.55GB
Version: 1.0
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

If you are a fan of the FIFA 12 PC game, you will either have the full version of the game or the demo installed. If you currently have the demo version, you should probably get the FIFA 12 Demo Expander to allow you to get a little more from the demo than EA Sports had initially allowed.

The FIFA 12 Demo Expanderis a convenient tool that gives the option of playing your soccer games in the snow or rain using your demo version of FIFA 12 for PC. Before this application, you would not have been able to access such a feature as it was hidden by the makers of the game.

Additionally, FIFA 12 Demo Expander allows you to enable and disable Cinematics and skip the intro of the game if you are tired of seeing and hearing it. You can also skip a lot of unnecessary parent menus and go directly to the menu that allows you to select your teams.

Essential Requirements for Software Operation:

- Visual Basic Runtime 6 previously installed.