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License type: Freeware
File Size: 1.07GB
Version: 0.57
Developer: Valve
Date Updated: JUL-20-2015

Counter Strike is one of those shoot-em up team on team games that has become a classic among gamers world-wide. It is often played locally but Counter-Strike Online games are also possible.

Counter-Strike Online gives you a choice between two teams of shooters, you can opt to be on the wrong side of the law a s a “terrorist” or you can oppose those wrong doers and play as a “counter-terorist”. Whichever side you chose, you will still be a part of a time and will have to shoot your way out to stay alive and support your team mates.

Counter-Strike Online will walk you through a bit of tactical training before plunging you into the debts of terrorism and counter terrorism. You will learn to plant and / or diffuse bombs as well as recue hostages or prevent them from being rescued.