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License type: Shareware
File Size: 220.00B
Version: 1.0
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

Crazy Combi Turbo is an excellent online racing game with different levels and modes. The player can run on different tracks, choose the mode in which to play the game and even change the accessories.

While playing the user can choose form five different levels and eightvaried models. In Crazy Combi Turbo players can drift and change lanes, which in turn give access to using turbo power. Using this player can move faster and overtake other players (if choosing the multi-car mode). But while moving faster is the main motive, the player should be careful not to end up in an accident because that will make it fall behind other players.

As the players play the game and finishes different races, he get access to other lanes. This is based on the performance of the players. So the more you play the more exciting it gets. Let’s see how you race in Crazy Combi Turbo