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License type: Freeware
File Size: 164.50kB
Version: 1.10
Date Updated: JUL-22-2014

Windows is popular thanks to its clear menus, near universal compatibility with software and dynamism. That said, near all software has bugs and Windows is no exception. However, unlike with smaller programs, a bug in Windows can really break any use of the computer. One instance of this is the refresh rate bug, which has plagued plenty of Windows 2K and XP users. ReForce provides a solution to this common and annoying bug.

ReForce is a utility for Windows users that are dealing with this bug by enabling them to manually freeze the monitor refresh rates. Furthermore, this program also enables the user to prevent any program interferences or adjustments that may mess with the refresh rate again.

ReForce has been thoroughly tested and is 100% compatible with Windows XP and 2k. After all, the last thing this program was meant to do was add even more instability to Windows.