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License type: Shareware
Version: 1.0
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

WWII was known for its atrocities, total warfare and major ideological conflict. The war was also responsible for some innovations, namely aerial combat. While major squadrons of planes were involved in all theatres of conflict, this type of warfare was perhaps most integral in the Pacific theatre. Island bases were absolutely punished from bombers, but theses fortifications had their own means of defense as well. Checkout iBomber Defense Pacific to appreciate land to air defense in all its glory.

iBomber Defense Pacific gives the player the roll of building up and defending different fortifications across the pacific. Successfully defend against each wave of bombers through building turrets, repairing damages and destroying enemy outposts so to advance to the next level and next challenge.

iBomber Defense Pacific has very impressive and vibrant graphics that are sure to impress the player. In particular, the special effects are very impressive and include some awesome explosions and realistic looking water. The audio completes this game’s general atmosphere of epic conflict.