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License type: Freeware
Version: 0.64
Developer: Valve
Date Updated: FEB-24-2015

Counter Strike is widely known to have helped morph online squad-based shooters into what they are today. While age old, this game still has a vibrant and fun community that continue to go head to head as either Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. Check out Counter-Strike Online today for fun challenges with and against seasoned gamers.

Counter-Strike Online has a wide variety of different maps, weapons, gameplay modes and character models. However, the basic premise of destroying the other faction while completing specific agendas will be seen in every match.

Counter-Strike Online is an older game, but it has aged well and plenty of people still prefer it over other games thanks community chock full of expert gamers that provide plenty of challenge and fun. Those with an older computer who are in the mood for some multiplayer action would do well to download this game.