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License type: Shareware
File Size: 178.80kB
Version: 1.03
Developer: Processor Renamer 1.03
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

One aspect that can quickly confuse those combining computers or creating an integrated network is parsing out different types of hardware with identical functions. Perhaps the hardest of all of these are CPUs, as these are more prone to lack the generic indentifying characteristics found with GPUs or hard drives. Processor Renamer is an effective and simple program that enables the user to organize their multiple CPUs, or even play a fun practical joke on a technology obsessed friend.

As its name implies, Processor Renamer is a simple program that enables the user to rename the processor to whatever they want. Using the program is very simple, only requiring the user to locate the processor name from a list and renaming it. Over all, this program has a list of 387 different processor names to change.

Processor Renamer has been thoroughly tested and is 100% compatible with Windows. This program allows previous names to also be changed to the original and will not affect anything besides this cosmetic aspect of a CPU.