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Orange WiFi 1.0.3 Free Download

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License type: Freeware
Developer: Orange UK.
Date Updated: AUG-12-2015

France. The bread. The romance. The wine. The wireless internet? While France is known for many things, one of this country’s newest developments is the ability to access the internet wherever one is, so long as they are in a town or city. No matter if visiting or a resident, those in France had best check out Orange WIFI.

Orange WIFI is a great program that enables the user to conveniently access the internet no matter the location. This is through a spider like system of high powered routers that crisscross a city much like a web. Thanks to the amount of bandwidth available and the streamlined technology behind this system, user are guaranteed speedy internet, no matter if at a park bench or even on a bus.

Orange WIFI has been thoroughly tested and functions much like a hotspot network, allowing the user to use whichever browser they want to verify their account and begin surfing the internet.