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License type: Shareware
Version: 2.2.0
Developer: WiFi OnOff 2.2.0
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

Mobile devices are all the rage right now. This has to do with their portability, intuitive controls, large amount of apps available and ability to seamlessly surf the internet. That said, portable apps can still become affected by viruses and malware. In fact, the chance of this happening is much greater due to the amount of networks a mobile device is connected to. WiFi OnOff is a handy means to preempt this from happening.

WiFi OnOff is a very simple, yet effective, app that enables the user to quickly and easily turn off their wifi. Doing so brings automatic results, enabling the user to ensure that their mobile device is safe from harm.

WiFi OnOff has a very clear and intuitive interface that near any computer user will be able to quickly understand and use.