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License type: Shareware
Developer: iSyncr WiFi Add-On
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

Wireless connections have certainly enables people with mobile devices to remain entertain and informed no matter they go, provided there is an accessible wifi hotspot available. However, the use of these networks go beyond merely connecting to the internet and also enables different devices and software programs to synchronize. iSyncr WiFi Add-On is an excellent application which enable mobile devices to do so with iTunes.

iSyncr WiFi Add-On has a number of features and utilities so that mobile devices virtually become iPods. This includes the ability to access playlists no matter the location, the option to automatically or manually sync to available iTunes networks, ability to explore all media found on iTunes including videos, inclusion of all song information found on iTunes and more. Most impressively, this application enables the user to save the information it discovers.

iSyncr WiFi Add-On has a clear and intuitive interface that near anybody will understand with a mere glance.