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License type: Shareware
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

Near anybody who has gone to lively nightclub or bar knows that there are hundreds, if not thousands of drinks being ordered per night. Bartenders can find it challenging to merely keep up with the pace, not to mention keep drinks accurately measured. However, making sure the drink is properly made is what many bartenders are all about. See how much so in Bartender The Right Mix, a fun game that will have you mixing drinks for one picky tender.

Bartender The Right Mix gives the player the challenge of mixing a cosmopolitan for Miguel, one very expressive bartender who is prone to throw fits if the drink is not made properly. While mixing the right drink can be plenty of fun, players will be tempted to mess-up so to see all of Miguel’s silly expressions.

Bartender The Right Mix has very fun graphics which are both very detailed yet fluid. The aesthetic and fun colors go hand-in-hand with subject matter and Miguel’s humorous vibe.