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License type: Shareware
Version: 1.0.13
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

With the advent of touch-screen mobile devices there has been a number of fun and imaginative games which take these controls and run with it. While near every genre is represented, one of the most popular are vibrant and fun puzzle games, many of which emphasize color matching. However, for those in the mood for something a tad more death defying and destructive there is Atlantis Sky Patrol HD from Big Fish games.

Atlantis Sky Patrol HD is a fun marble shooter that takes the player through 100 challenging levels, each with its own world threatening doomsday device that the player must incapacitate. Over the course of this campaign the player will collect coins for useful upgrades, player through a number of fun mini-games and have the opportunity to show off achievements to other players.

Atlantis Sky Patrol HD also has very impressive visuals which ooze inspiration. Not only impressive due to its artistry, this game also has great special effects and plenty of them.