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License type: Freeware
Version: 1.0
Developer: Word Mole.
Date Updated: JUL-27-2015

Plenty of games offer fun and interesting puzzle mechanics that are sure to both entertain and challenge. However, one of the most ignored yet complex structures from which to create different gameplay elements is language itself. See how fun this can be in Word Mole.

Word Mole is a fun game that has the player form different words from available letters in a garden. While this unto itself can be fun, the game offers added challenge through holes that appear in certain parts of the garden, preventing the player from having the maximum amount of letters available. Players must fill these holes by using letters which are adjacent to the hole, thus enabling the more letters to be used.

Word Mole has over 50 fun levels to play, each of which has its own unique challenges. This game can be played in over 20 different languages.