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License type: Freeware
Version: 6.22.2270
Developer: UVViewSoft
Date Updated: JUN-22-2016

Programming requires diligence, attention to detail and patience. After all, even the most minor slip in syntax can quickly and easily send a perfectly good program though an infinite loop, potentially making one’s computer crash. There are plenty of applications available to help facilitate programming, but most people generally default to Microsoft Notepad thanks to its ability to indiscriminately keep format. However, this application lacks the features to encourage productive coding. SynWrite is an alternative near everyone will want to use.

SynWrite includes spell checking, different source code templates, menu with tree structure views, search/replace functions, Zen coding, hotkeys that completely customizable and more.

SynWrite has a clear and intuitive interface that near all anybody can quickly and easily understand. However, this program is most definitely meant for those who already program.