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License type: Freeware
Version: 5.116
Developer: Toolslib.
Date Updated: MAY-09-2016

AdwCleaner is a tool created to help you remove adware, toolbars (grafted toolbars to your browser) and more. This amazing software also provides search mode and delete mode, hijacker (diversion of the start page). Thistool provides a nice and easy to use interface which you can work through easily.

In addition to this, AdwCleanermakes the deletion task as simply as possible. With its search mode, you have the capability to locate unwanted files so that they can be deleted as quickly and as easily as possible. With this in mind, you need not have to worry about having to go through a lot just to delete those unnecessary files.

If you think that your system may have been compromised by adware, or that your system may have been attacked by the toolbar, PUP hijacker, then AdwCleaneris a truly nifty and useful software that you just have to try.