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License type: Freeware
Version: 2.14.6
Date Updated: MAY-08-2014

Sony Ericsson phones are known for its best performance and features, and to keep it up to date, you must get the latest software available for your phones. These things are possible by using Sony Ericsson Update Service. Download it, update your phone, and get the best out of it.

Sony Ericsson Update Service was created with a user friendly interface that allows you to utilize it with ease by choosing your phone model and let this program find updates for your phone. Finding updates for your phone is easy because phones are like computers too, making it updated means adding more benefits and features to your phone by just using this simple application.

Your phone may stay at its best using Sony Ericsson Update Service,which allows your phone to access the latest applications and services available for your phones. In addition, some providers for Android phones arealso capable of notifying you if there is an available update for a new software for your phone.