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License type: TRIAL
Date Updated: SEP-30-2015

Mobile devices are certainly useful tools that plenty of users begin to value a great deal. However, these device’s preprogramming excludes a number of possibilities and customizations options. Those that want to alter such devices normally need to access and edit the very files within the device. However, the mobile devices use a diverse amount of formats, each of which is usually incompatible with the other. Sis to Jar converter helps provide a solution to this problem.

Sis to Jar converter is a lightweight application that enables the user to quickly and easily convert SIS, SISX, JAR files from one to another, enabling designers to more easily make their application universally compatible for all mobile devices.

Sis to Jar converter has a very clear and understandable interface that enables the user to quickly and easily make these conversations without headache or hassle.