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License type: Freeware
File Size: 700.78kB
Version: 3.2
Date Updated: AUG-19-2013

Plenty of people hear awesome tunes within a number of different applications and files, yet have no idea how to integrate these into their own projects. The problem is that of accessibility, as the audio used in a number of different files are not at all similar with more commercial file formats explicitly meant for consumer consumption of audio. Wave Xtractor provides a quick and easy tool from which to extract these files.

Wave Xtractor is an excellent application that enables the user to quickly and easily take the raw WAV audio from a number of off-beat file formats, including PCM, KMP, TVN, VN and more. The software also gives the user full control of these different files, enabling the user to edit or, swap, or delete the given sound effect.

Wave Xtractor has a very clear and intuitive interface that enables the user to quickly and easily access different information about the song, such as its frequency level, size and length.