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License type: Shareware
File Size: 9.12MB
Version: 12.0.5
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

PDF is the preferred document file format for a number of different organizations that range from government departments to law firms. This is due to the format’s ability use customizable and vector based fonts, track the use of a document and password protection of different functions. However awesome all of these features are, implementing them through a native PDF application can be a pain. To aggravate matters even more, plenty of PDF creators lack the comprehensive measures needed to ensure real copy-protection. PDF Security OwnerGuard is an alternative the plenty of users will prefer.

PDF Security OwnerGuard is a great application that enables the user to quickly and easily implement a number of different security and copy-protection measures to their PDFs. This includes 512-bit encryption, implementation of watermarks, ability to create document expiration dates that then gives recipients further rights to the document or freezes their access, functions to prevent screen-capture and more.

PDF Security OwnerGuard has a very clear and intuitive interface from which to implement these different methods of keeping PDF files secure. Any user should be able to navigate the different controls and options quite easily.