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Paltalk Messenger 11.5 build 577 Free Download

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License type: Freeware
Version: 11.5 build 577
Developer: Paltalk
Date Updated: MAR-10-2015

Computers connected to the internet certainly provide a diverse amount of different communication platforms, but one of the most impressive is video chat. The extra element not only is a pleasant reminder of each other’s faces, but also allows for more convienient and fun communication. Paltalk Messenger is an excellent platform from which to enjoy this medium of communication among others.

Paltalk Messenger not only enables video chat, but also includes a number of great features to enable its users to get the most out of the medium. This includes HD sound, ability to leave video messages, video conference options, screen capture to archive video calls, file transfer capabilities and more.

Paltalk Messenger also enables the user to have audio calls and text chats through to both the computer and mobile devices. All this communication can happen on a worldwide level.