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License type: Freeware
Developer: Garena Online.
Date Updated: JUL-22-2015

Video games are plenty of fun in single player, but nothing is more enthralling and challenging then taking on real human opponents. Near all blockbuster games offer such options, but actually connecting with different player communities can be a major hassle and take time. Garena Plus streamlines this effort, enabling gamers to have more time to game.

Garena Plus is a cool client that plugs into near every recognizable modern title offering online gameplay, including Call of Duty 4, Counter Strike, Starcraft 2 and more. Features include the ability to chat with players in real time, keep a list of contacts for different games, connect with friends on Facebook and more.

Garena Plus has a very stylish interface that also clearly presents it different options, so anybody should be able to use this application after a single glance.