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License type: Shareware
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

A WebKit is a layout engine that is created to enable web browsers to make the web pages useable particularly for Google Chrome and Safari applications. There is another way that programmers innovated to maximize the use of WebKit and that is OpenWebKitSharp.

OpenWebKitSharp is a .NET wrapper basically made for WebKit engine. It made it possible for DOMEvents, Headers management and other properties and methods to be applicable for WebKit . It controls one of the fast and flexible web browsers which is GTLite Navigator. This program is also Cairo build and nightly builds of WebKit.

OpenWebKitSharp provides more advanced features that could make it easier to add advantages and benefits for WebKit. If you are one of the web developers who deal with WebKit, don’t forget to use this program to make WebKit more useful.