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License type: Shareware
Version: Demo
Developer: Botanicula
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

We all know how we should love Mother Earth and protect it from harm. Like us, even small creatures walk hand in hand altogether to fight the bad influences that will try to lay hands on the precious elements of nature. That is actually the message that Botanicula tries to send out to its gamers as the characters try to protect and fight for the last seed of their home tree.

Botanicula is an adventure 3D game that features five characters such as Mr. Lantern, Mr. Twig, Mr. Poppy Head, Mr. Feathers and Mrs. Mushroom and their quest in protecting and effort to save the last seed of their home tree. This seed is their only chance to live and to make sure that there will still be a place for them to call home. The game works by point and click method where you need to lead the characters and let them gather items and solve puzzles on the way.

Botanicula features a state of the art and modern graphics that will surely make you want to sit for hours and finish the whole quest of the game.