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License type: Shareware
File Size: 0.96MB
Version: 2.4
Developer: Clotho 2.4
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

Clotho is a great way to secure your files and folder. You are guaranteed to have the best protection for your files. It can unhide hidden files and folders, too.

Clotho is a security tool for files developed by Henry Nugraha. It is used to mask files in order to hide them from potential data theft. It has many features. It enables users to hide their files in other files under a different name. It doesn’t damage the file despite renaming them and moving them into other folders. It can also apply passwords to avoid unauthorized access. It also features data compression to reduce file size. And to increase more protection and security, it supports file encryption.

Clotho is a small portable program, so it’s easy to download and install. It is proven safe and effective, so download your free copy today.