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License type: TRIAL
Version: 2008 Demo
Developer: Bussimulatorgame
Date Updated: MAY-23-2014

Becoming more familiar with how to drive a bus can be achieved once you use the Bus Simulator. This program is designed for practicing on how to manage a bus. Given the huge size, it is quite difficult to handle. By using this program, you will get aided by some factors that can make the exercise a little easier.

The Bus Simulator is complete with all the necessary controls and shortcuts. As a driver, you are expected to follow the rules and supply passengers with tickets. You have to be on time in order to finish performing your duties for the day.

If you enjoy driving, the Bus Simulator will definitely give you the entertainment you need. With the new features, you are able to generate custom routes and solve traffic related problems. The improved graphical functions will provide you with an extra amazing driving environment.