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Active WebCam 11.4 Free Download

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License type: TRIAL
File Size: 11.65MB
Version: 11.4
Developer: PY Software
Date Updated: JUL-25-2013

Active WebCam is the ideal complement for your webcam you were waiting for. With this excellent programme, we will be able to capture video and images and save them or broadcast them through the web. With the help of a simple and comfortable assistant, we will be able to create a webpage to which we can send images with the frequency we decide (it allows up to 30 images per second).

Text and even images can be added to the video, it shows the date and time as well as allowing you to rotate and resize. It is also protectable via password.

Active WebCam will also allow us to configure all the aspects of the webcam as if it were a television: brightness, colour, contrast, etc.

Among many other functions, it has motion detection. When it detects an action or change of image in the monitored area, it can be configured to capture images or start recording the activity, it can also sound an alarm, send a SMS, or send the files through e-mail.

Without a doubt, a spectacular programme to broadcast the videos that you want with top of the line functions.

Official Website http://www.pysoft.com/ActiveWebCamMainpage.htm

Necessary Requirements:

- 2 GHz Processor

- Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista

- 256Mb RAM

- 1 Gb free space on disk