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License type: Shareware
Version: 4.0.1
Developer: Games SMS 4.0.1
Date Updated: SEP-23-2013

Games SMS is a programme to get in touch, from your computer, with any mobile phone in the world, sending all types of information: messages, photographs, games, music…

With Games SMS you can establish a connection between your PC and multimedia mobile devices, with Symbian OS or JAVA2ME. The phone just needs to have anactive WAP service, and needs to be compatible with the files to be sent. Expenses shall be shared by the persons sending and receiving the messages.

Text messages, images in jpg or gif format, real sound in mp3 format, polyphonic melodies in mid format, operator logos, etc, are part of the content (of up to 5 MB) which you may send through Games SMS.

Games SMS offers a long list of games which you can send, at least 50 different ones and classified according to style: action games, board games, strategy, puzzles…

You just need to open a user account which will provide you with , immediately, credits for your transfers.