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License type: Freeware
Developer: WinMX
Date Updated: NOV-04-2015

If you are looking for a powerful P2P client, WinMX is one of today’s most famous and popular programs on the Internet.

This powerful application will allow you to fit in with OpenNap and Napster servers, and you’ll therefore become more efficient when searching for the files you want.

The program has a series of advantages such as the possibility of personalizing to a maximum the software’s mask, downloads without interruptions, summaries of every download, download band adjustments, key files, and the possibility of communicating with Chat users, among many others.

Its interface is very easy simple and therefore makes the program easy to use, especially if it’s the first time you handle a P2P client.

WinMX is an application you need to have on your computer when you download.

Latest Modifications:

-Corrections in all its patches and earlier versions.