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License type: Commercial
File Size: 272.32MB
Version: 1.6
Developer: Valve
Date Updated: MAR-27-2015

Be ready to enjoy the action with Counter-Strike, the multiplayer videogame involving terrorists and antiterrorists based on the famous game Half Life. It is an addition or “MOD” of the Valve game which has been surpassed.

If you dare to live this adventure, in Counter-Strike you will be involved in situations so dangerous as rescuing hostages, to deactivate a bomb, and to eliminate terrorists or antiterrorists according to your side.

Choose one of the sides and use each of the weapons corresponding to your condition: machineguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, etc. Enter the help page if you need information about the maps of the missions or the weapons you have to use. At the same time you enjoy playing, you will be able to chat with your friends without leaving the application.

Counter-Strike is an entertainment of great quality with well designed graphics in which the best strategy you can use is team play.