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License type: Freeware
Version: 2520848
Date Updated: FEB-15-2016

Be immersed in the adrenaline of the combat with WarRock, a videogame with which you will live an exciting adventure of soldiers, combats and war vehicles in first person.

Select the character that better fits your personality. Become a soldier, an engineer, a doctor or a sniper among many other options. Once you have made up your mind, begin participating in battles against other players through the Net.

Choose the play mode you prefer: “Close Quarters Combat”, in which you will share the match with 16 players in small maps; “Urban Ops”, in which you will fight with other 24 participants in middle size maps or “Battle Group”, a big confrontation with 32 characters in big maps.

In WarRock you will put your skills and capacities to the test. You will have to learn to use all types of vehicles and combat weapons of an amazing realism which is achieved by means of excellent graphics.

Count your bullets, clench your teeth and be ready for the action with WarRock