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License type: Freeware
File Size: 55.43MB
Version: 8792
Date Updated: JAN-27-2016

Dragon Ball Z is a classic anime franchise that not only has entertained generations, but also helped popularize anime across the world. People loved the crazy cool combat and powers that the anime featured, not to mention the action packed storyline. Lemmings is also a classic computer game that has endeared countless generation with its macabre humor and challenging puzzles.

That said, what would happen if you combined the two? Why, Lemmingball Z of course.

Lemmingball Z is a fight game that features Dragon Ball Z inspired moves and powers. The only thing is that instead of those characters Lemmings are used. This game has great graphics that are very detailed oriented and even cell shaded.

Lemmingball Z has a number other features that make it a blast. These include 3D destructible terrain, ability to add custom characters to the game, slow motion special effects, Netplay and more.