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License type: TRIAL
File Size: 3.89MB
Version: 1.02
Date Updated: JUN-04-2014

Swarm Rampage is one of those games that never ceases to draw attention due to its crazy goal or ending.

It is a strategy game in which you have to command an army which must, or wishes to, reach supremacy in their territory. The number of forces to engage in the skirmish has to grow in order to participate in a battle to determine who’s the best.

The striking thing about the game is that the armies and characters that take on the main roles are insects. Yes, you have read correctly: insects, amongst which you can find: ants, beetles, moths, scorpions, spiders and wasps.

The best thing of the game: you do not need to go around looking for resources as in other games.

The worst: Once you have won a couple of combats, it becomes somewhat addictive.

Swarm Rampage is a game worth trying.