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License type: TRIAL
File Size: 20.51MB
Version: 4
Date Updated: JUN-05-2014

Shredder Classicis a game for all those who love one the most popular board games of all times: Chess.

This emulator is a good opportunity both for those who wish to learn to play chess, and for those experts in the subject who wish to play exciting and entertaining matches.

Shredder Classic is easy to understand, its graphical interface presents no kind of complication, with tools arranged in a most simple manner.

Its graphics and sounds are promising (its graphics level can vary from 2 and 3D). Besides, it offers the possibility to select the level and playing modes, it’s easy to use, it updates on its own, it enables game style personalisation, and some other features which make of this emulator a very effective one.

Shredder Classic is a software that must be tried by every chess lover.