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License type: TRIAL
File Size: 310.92MB
Date Updated: MAR-03-2015

Enjoy the advantages of a roller coaster in your own home. NoLimits RollerCoaster offers you the most realist sensations you can feel when you go on one of the most famous and daring roller coasters in the world, without having to wait in line, and with no risks involved.

Excellent graphics and 3D surround sound that will make you feel the experience is completely real. With NoLimits RollerCoaster you have at your disposal some 40 or so predetermined platforms and 13 different ways of handling the speed and the unexpected twists and turns.

NoLimits RollerCoaster allows you to personalize you trip. The passenger car, your own seat and the atmospheric circumstances that surround you can be of your own choice. Ride by night, with fog, or however you like.

With the editor that comes with NoLimits RollerCoaster you will be able design your own roller coaster and decide when you want to increase the speed, when to loop or when to suddenly change direction. You decide.