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License type: Adware
File Size: 3.20MB
Version: 0.2.1
Developer: Atoll 0.2.1
Date Updated: NOV-13-2013

Anybody who unexpectedly becomes stranded can make a sympathetic sight. No matter if a pet, child or….Eyot. Yes, even Eyots become stranded. Play Atoll to help the poor little critters get back to the right territory.

Atoll is a fun and challenging puzzle game that has the player sort these Eyots as quickly as possible. When the player completes this task in the designated time they advance to the next level. While this sounds simple enough, the game throws you curve balls to make it both challenging and fun.

Atoll has fun graphics that are detailed and interesting. You will be impressed with its special effects and its fluid animations. The chirpy music and sound effects only add to the immersion of this game.