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License type: TRIAL
File Size: 3.56MB
Version: Demo
Developer: Skunkstudios
Date Updated: JUN-11-2014

Scrabble is a classic game that has challenged players for generations. Scrabble like games are excellent for expanding one’s vocabulary. However the benefit, there are many different pieces to a scrabble game and these are very easy to lose- limiting gameplay to the point of needing to purchase another set. Play the Word Up Demo to enjoy a digital variant of the scrabble game we all know and love.

The Word Up Demo features almost unlimited playability due to its huge 30 box board. The rules of Word Up are very similar to Scrabble in that the objective is create long and complex words from the options presented on the board. More points are awarded to a player based on the length of the word created.

The Word Up Demo has great graphics and music that will add zest to the play experience. This offers three modes, Arcade, Vanilla and Strategy. Each are challenging in different ways.