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License type: Adware
File Size: 1.43MB
Version: 2.1.28
Date Updated: OCT-09-2013

Near everybody with a hectic life needs an organized schedule. While this is most certainly true for attending events and other occasions, work based tasks rank as the most complex to successfully schedule. Not only does one need to consider deadlines, but they also need to remember all steps and aspects of the given task. Taskline is a great program for this.

Taskline enables the user to schedule tasks and keep on top of them. No matter how intricate, the user can include as much information or steps they want for each task. Not only will these reminders enable the use to stay on top of their schedule, but it can also increase productivity through easy reference to the next step.

Taskline easily integrates to Microsoft Outlook for added convenience. It has been thoroughly tested and is 100% compatible with this program.