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License type: Freeware
File Size: 1.03MB
Version: 5.7
Developer: Microsoft.
Date Updated: OCT-06-2015

Scripting can be a pain, but one of the things most aggravating about it is that near everything needs to be compatible Windows operating system if the programmer is using- and if they are a programmer they most likely are using Windows as the backbone of their computing. Use Microsoft Windows Script (XP) to help yourself along with windows compatible programming and make it easier as well.

Microsoft Windows Script (XP) is a comprehensive program that enables the user to write and apply scripts in VBScript and JScript. Not only that, but this program comes with Windows Script Components that enable the creation of COM components using different sequences of codes, be them VBScript or JScript or another format.

Microsoft Windows Script (XP) also comes with a debugger known as Windows Scripting host and Windows Script Runtime, a program that enables the automation of script creation and other content.