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License type: Commercial
Version: 4R7
Developer: Pixologic
Date Updated: FEB-04-2015

ZBrush is an application that is aimed at creating and helping in an efficient way when it comes to 3D designs editing.

This application provides a powerful set of tools so that the user will feel perfectly at ease when creating. The only limitation to the use of this programme will be the imagination of the person using it.

The advantage of the programme is that the designs can be worked at freely, and at different stages of the process. You can start from scratch, work with sequences of drawings, and edit already made designs.

This software is handled under a very striking working method called “2.5 dimensions” which allows for a large scope of work.

ZBrushis a good application to try for making 3D designs.


You are led to the author’s original webpage, through the download link, and fill in a form to receive the password for the programme. Otherwise, you will not be able to install it.