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IconoMaker 3.07 Free Download

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License type: Shareware
File Size: 5.82MB
Version: 3.07
Developer: Icon Empire
Date Updated: JUL-03-2013

Regardless if you’re merely looking to soup up your computer icons or if you’re creating them for programs you have designed, creating icons can be a blast. The only problem is that actually creating them not only is a challenge, but plenty of paint programs are not specialized for it. Use IconoMaker if you would like an application specialized for icon creation.

IconoMaker is a comprehensive program that not only makes you icon design easier, but also streamlines it. Features include ability to design in 16 million colors, specialized paint tools such a pen and ellipses, ability to import images from a number of image file formats, ability to sort images that constitute the icon and more.

IconoMaker has a clear and usable interface that makes using this program both convenient and expedient. Those who have never designed icons will grasp it almost immediately. Those that are experienced will appreciate this programs huge set of features and high level of customization.