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License type: TRIAL
File Size: 16.29MB
Version: 5.5
Developer: Nexus Radio
Date Updated: JAN-28-2016

Nexus Radio is a music utility that enables users to find streaming radio stations and collect the music that strikes their fancy.

Not merely another music browser, Nexus Radio is also a media player and recorder that can capture your computer’s audio or chosen radio streams. In addition, Nexus Radio can be automated to capture music according to your keywords via an advanced search filter- this in particular is a great feature as it both saves the user time and finds what they want.

Nexus Radio uses code that allows third parties to create their own add-ons for the betterment of the Nexus community- you really should check out some of the user made visualizations.

Nexus Radio features a usable but stylish interface. Thanks to drag-and-drop interfacing, Nexus Radio playlist creation is smooth and easy. Stations are organized alphabetically, but you can always add those that capture you interest to your favorites- exploring different stations if half the fun, but who wants to begin an endless search for a favorite station? Thanks to its drag-and-drop interface, Nexus Radio playlist creation is smooth and easy.

Nexus Radio features tools for saving audio as MP3s and music editing.