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License type: TRIAL
File Size: 123.20kB
Version: 1.0.3
Date Updated: AUG-06-2013

If you were looking for a different game to spend a long time in front of the machine, Chicken Chase is the perfect opportunity.

Unlike other games, here you will not have to fight in bloody battles, you will not have to be the sportsman of the year, you will not have to rescue the world from an alien invasion, or from a disastrous atomic war. You will only have to assure that a farmer makes progress.

In Chicken Chase you will have to monitor and manage a group of hens and cocks that have to guarantee the farm's progress. Some chickens are in charge of lying eggs and other incubate them. When everything looks perfect, some enemy will want to threaten your place to eat the eggs, but there is no reason to fear, since you have a group of brave cocks to defend you.

At the beginning, this is just a child’s game, but as you go through stages it turns more into a more entertaining one.

How do you see yourself managing a farm? Chicken Chase is the ultimate challenge. Do you dare go for it?