STATISTICA 12 Free Download

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License type: TRIAL
Version: 12
Developer: StatSoft.
Date Updated: SEP-14-2015

Making the right sort of choice requires comprehensive information. Business people and academics know that uneducated decisions are rarely lucky, and because of this prize accurate and current statistics. However, arranging these can be prone to human error and boring to boot. Use STATISTICA to streamline your use of statistics and data mining.

STATISTICA is a comprehensive program that has a number of features utilities to help with this. These include a huge range of tools for data analysis, organization, and graphic representations of the data. one of the major strengths of this program is it’s complex algorithms used to compute different types of information.

For all its complexity, STATISTICA has a clean and intuitive interface that makes navigation easy. You’ve already spent the time to learn statistics- why spend time learning how a program operates. After all, this software was conceived to make statistical analysis more efficient.